curing Covid-19 focuses on EDU Fusion infrastructure support, EV2030 campus gamified curriculum, Aquafog safety systems, and music medicines kinetic protect project homeland security

Design to prevent any more future terrorism.

on the inside

Equip all schools with modern and up to date projection systems and video walls that the fcc has funds ready for public schools and libraries

these are just a few examples of music medicine school safety systems that encourage and show how to end terrorism and

provide support for true infrastructure stabilization with available equipment&tools now.

it’s a matter of labor force

AWAKEN the campus trend. it’s a matter of administration to hire or do, so let’s just deliver it and make history with our

maids & gardeners lol

(for installation & clean up)

{immigrant incentive for quick citizenship}


educate to invent remodeling school as class work, smart biotech botanical security with Music Medicine deliver plant communication safety systems.

water and fog systems upgrade in campus harmony server*

safety is music medicine schools

cyber security line that quantify

property value to neighborhood

upgrades for city cleansing of streets and radiation streams

*mm serverbog systems that group each industry com. to end amateur cross hacking

music medicine schools to deliver the new public campus before another disaster as a

two bear capital priority project that guarantees every child’s future in greatness.

reinforced with plexishielding** and in ground fog tubing to deliver non violent safety systems that are trigger based with lidar and thermal sense to radio and brain network algorithm defense that use technology for safety not terror.

The future is only possible by how we educate the minds of tomorrow. the youth of our country are still vulnerable to terrorism and madness as there is no excuse for any more violence in every way as this day we who are alive have every technology and knowledge to fix anything, everything, that our freedom should not be your excuse for doing nothing but corruption, so with this movement let all great institutions unite and make the drastic adjustments needed to reconcile with what was destroyed in emotion to physical essence and provide the proper solutions to those in need , at this time is every school, we already witnessed every negative possible and how all crime are old and only a few , that there’s only good left to do.

Invest in Music Medicine.